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What is the World of timber 


Creating a website first we were not convinced whether we need to create this part, we did not know might look like and what to be content. We were not convinced that whether you need to create this part, we did not know how to look  and what to be content.

In different databases and the available literature around the world about  wood species and their properties  information is too vague and limited.

In terms of mechanical properties of wood, a lot of times there is no information  or you will read something like: "moderately harder and heavy cultivated with good strength properties."

How difficult  is it, How heavy is and how much durable this wood? What are the standards, how exactly measured, who use them and where. However whether your interest is professional or purely amateur for tree species or just maybe you want to know what and  how it is used, and external form or other characteristics, here we have tried to provide output data for species in Europe  and their application.

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